The Body of Christopher Creed

Photographer unknown. The Body of Christopher Creed book cover. 2001. Disney Press. New York City. October 20, 2008.

I chose this image for a number of reasons as well. In high school, my sophomore year, one of our assignments was to choose a book, read it, write a summary about it, then present it to the class, as sort of an advertisment, trying to get your classmates to want to buy/read it. Needless to say, I was very hesitant about the assignment, because I have never been a heavy reader. So when I was given the instructions, I was kind of taken by surprise, that I was going to have to read an entire book and give an in-depth presentation over it. I was initially going to be like a few of my classmates and look for notes on my book online and take information from them, but I started to ready this book and instantly feel in love. That was such a new feeling for me, because like mentioned before, I was not a reader, and I found myself actually on more than one occasion, not accepting invites to do something, because I wanted to stay home and continue reading this book. I found it very well written along with very entertaining. I am not ashamed to say, that this was my very first book that I actually read completely, and did not get bored with within the first few pages.


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