The Endless Summer

Photographer unknown. The Endless Summer. 1966. Bruce Brown. New York City. October 20, 2008.


I chose this poster of The Endless Summer for a number of reasons. I have actually never seen this film which a documentary about some surfers who are on the search for the perfect wave. I was born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas. As you may or may not know, Corpus lies on the coast line of Texas bordering the Gulf of Mexico. That being said, I spent alot of my childhood on or around the beach, though the waves are not world known in Corpus, my friends and I would attempt to make the most of them and enjoyed them when we could. The second reason I chose this image is because my senior year of high school, I took Art I. One of our assignments was to paint or draw an image from a group of famous movie posters or literature. I saw this poster on the table and quickly chose it. So everytime I see this image I am always taken back to my senior year of high school when I spend so much time trying to draw this image, which was not a complete success might I add.


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